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The Isle of Wight has a variety of unique accommodation options that can make your stay exceptional. Whether it’s a cosy glamping spot or a beautiful Georgian mansion, this island rewards visitors with various places in which they can unwind after a day of exploration.

Below is an engaging guide for anyone in search of something a bit different in terms of accommodation when visiting this wonderful island.

The Isle of Wight: A Gem Below The South

The Isle of Wight is small in size but is big in character. Known for its breathtaking beauty, sandy shores, and abundant history, it’s no wonder it remains a favourite destination for travellers craving tranquillity away from the noise of big cities.

Unravel the Unique Charm

Its allure lies not only in its nature trails or historical sites. The unique charm of the Isle of Wight seeps into the nooks and crannies of its unique abodes, offering an adventure tucked into every journey.

Supercharge Your Trip

Your trip to the Isle of Wight doesn’t have to be standard; it can be exceptional. The unique accommodation options are plenty:

  • Snuggle up on a wild night in a grand lighthouse
  • Soak up the island’s past in timeless historical inns & hotels
  • Wake up to the sounds of nature in a decked-out glamping site

These unique accommodation options go from the simple concept of a place to stay, to becoming a main moment in your island stay.

Explore the Spectacular Stays for 2024

Enjoyed that preview? Stick around and let’s dive into the world of the Isle of Wight’s spectacular stays perfect for a holiday visit. Adventure awaits, folks!

Why Stay at Unique Places?

When it comes to travel, the stay is often an overlooked aspect of the journey, merely seen as a place to rest before another day of exploration. But have you ever considered turning your accommodation into part of the adventure itself?

Injecting Novelty into Your Stay

Choosing to stay at unique places, away from conventional hotel chains, adds a sense of novelty to your travel experience. The very act of sinking into a hammock bed in the wilderness, for example, or sleeping surrounded by history in a timeworn inn, can make ordinary moments extraordinary.

Unique Aesthetics and Features

These unconventional accommodations often feature distinctive design aesthetics and one-of-a-kind features that can’t be replicated in standardized hotels. Therefore, they offer a refreshing break from the sameness that often characterizes traditional accommodations. Staying in a yurt, glamping tent, or even a lighthouse — yes, you heard right, a lighthouse! — certainly makes for compelling storytelling and fantastic photos.

An Intimate, Local Experience

But it’s not just about the novelty. Unique stays also often provide a more intimate, local experience. They can immerse you more deeply into the Isle of Wight’s culture, landscape, and history, weaving a stronger connection with your destination. You can wake up to the sounds of nature in a cabin in the heart of the woodlands or get a taste of centuries-old heritage by staying in a Georgian mansion.

Embrace the Extraordinary on Your Next Trip

So, why not give these extraordinary accommodations a try on your next Isle of Wight visit? Who knows, this might be the exciting twist your travels were missing!

Historical Inns & Hotels: A Taste of Isle’s History

No trip to the Isle of Wight is complete without immersing yourself in its rich history. A historical inn or hotel stay delivers a captivating taste of the past.

A Time Capsule Experience

The Isle of Wight is scattered with charming historical inns and hotels. Each is characterized not only by a cosy bed for the night and delicious food, but also by significant stories linking to the island’s past. These places retain architectural features from bygone eras, creating a remarkable journey through time for visitors.

chequers inn

Chequers Inn: A Rustic Retreat

The Chequers Inn stands as one of the most popular options. Dating back to the 18th Century, this historical gem is located in Rookley. Standout features include:

  • Rooms from £90
  • Rustic charm
  • Inviting log fire
  • Intimate dining atmosphere

The inn has been preserved with its period features intact, offering an insight into the island’s intoxicating past.

farringford hotel

Farringford Hotel: The Poet’s Abode

Farringford Hotel is another must-visit. Once the home of eminent Victorian Poet Laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson, it’s nestled in Freshwater. This hotel offers:

  • Rooms from £390
  • Blend of Victorian grandeur and contemporary comfort
  • Garden room with a grand view of the estate’s lawns and gardens

The tranquil setting at Farringford is perfect for a tranquil, poetic escape.

Albert Cottage Hotel

Albert Cottage Hotel also can’t be missed. Once one of Queen Victoria’s homes, this royal residence is located in East Cowes. Features include:

  • Rooms from £145
  • Rooms styled with a Victorian theme
  • Lush private Gardens

Enhancing the Island Experience

Staying in these historical inns provides a unique accommodation experience steeped in charm. Beyond just a comfortable stay, these inns offer a connection to the island’s illustrious past. They honour the narrative of the Isle’s history, sure to enhance your overall island experience.

Unique stays

Glamping: Camping with Flair

Glamping, or “glamorous camping”, is a trend that has firmly rooted itself in travel culture in recent years. It’s revolutionising the traditional camping experience, blending the excitement of being close to nature with the comfort and luxury of a hotel stay. On the Isle of Wight, glamping offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the island’s breathtaking scenery, without compromising on comfort.

One standout site that truly captures the essence of glamping is Sibbecks Farm Glamping. Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the island’s rural outskirts, these luxurious safari tents give guests a taste of the wild while offering indulgent comforts like plush beds, wood-burning stoves, and high-quality catering options right at their canvas doorstep. Nearby, there’s a range of activities, from wildlife spotting to cycling and hiking through the picturesque terrain. From £120.

Then, for folks who love a good view, Glamping The Wight Way is an elevated glamping pod overlooking the dazzling coastline. It’s difficult to beat the feeling of watching the sunset from your cosy little lookout, perhaps while savouring a BBQ dinner and enjoying the serene sounds of the island night. From £850.

In short, glamping on the Isle of Wight is all about enjoying the best of both worlds – the authenticity of nature and the comfort of modern luxury. The unique locales, coupled with the carefree vibe and upscale amenities, will soon have even the most loyal hotel dwellers turning in their room keys for tent pegs.

Unique stays

Eccentric Yurts: Comfort in the Wild

Another intriguing option for unique accommodation on the Isle of Wight comes in the form of yurts and cabins. These aren’t your average ramshackle wooden shelters, mind you. The yurts and cabins found on the Isle are eccentric, full of character and positioned smack-dab in some of the most picture-perfect spots that nature has to offer.

Surrounded by nature in the centre of the island, The Yurts at Burnt House Farm offers spacious yurts with luxury amenities including a kitchenette, en-suite with a shower, log burner, and more. With an area of outstanding natural beauty nearby, expect to spot wildlife like red squirrels, pheasants, bats, and birds. Sure to make your stay memorable. From £99.

Behind the lush landscape of the Garlic Farm are The Garlic Farm Yurts. These charming yurts offer a blend of comfort and adventure. Each yurt has a fully equipped kitchen, a cosy dining area, a wood-burning stove, and an ensuite bathroom. Rest easy on a king-sized bed downstairs, while additional single mattresses await upstairs on a mezzanine deck, perfect for small families. Outside, there’s a fire pit, hammocks, and a BBQ area. There’s no WiFi within, encouraging guests to reconnect with nature. From £156.10.

Kicking back in one of these stylish yurts, you may find shabby chic furnishings, cosy log burners, and even fluffy beds, bridging the gap between a rugged outdoor experience and the comforts of home. There’s a certain joy to be had in listening to the rustle of leaves overhead, then zipping open the door of your yurt to be greeted by panoramic views of the awe-inspiring landscapes – it’s camping, upgraded.


Cabins, on the other hand, bring together the snug feeling of a country cottage with the seclusion associated with remote wild locations. On the Isle of Wight, the cabin accommodations are nothing short of fabulous. If woodland retreats or quirky seaside cottages are your thing, then these cabins might just become your new favourite stay.

Situated on Thorness Bay Park, Ocean View Cabin welcomes you with open arms to its cosy ambience and modern amenities. As you step inside, you’ll immediately feel at home in the inviting living area. Whether you’re snuggling up by the electric fire on cooler evenings or basking in the sunlight streaming through the double doors leading to the veranda, every moment at Ocean View is a delight. From £89.

Tucked away on the outskirts of Ryde, Molly’s Lodge entices those seeking relaxation amongst nature’s embrace. Offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and space for four guests, this secluded cabin promises an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Molly’s Lodge is in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush woodlands and picturesque fishing lakes. From £117.

Among the available cabin retreats, you’ll find exquisite craftsmanship, with wood-panelled interiors, breezy terraces, and, in some, even the delight of a private hot tub under the stars. Bask in the tranquillity, surrounded by birds singing in the morning and the silent whispers of the night. If that doesn’t enhance your connection with the island, nothing will.

St. Catherine’s Lighthouse

Appeal hangs in the air in the Isle of Wight, but none so resounding as the call from its vintage lighthouses. These iconic structures serve as an enchanting throwback to the island’s nautical past, offering a very different kind of stay than your typical vacation pad. Reflecting a perfect blend of history, architecture and nature, lighthouse accommodations promise more than just a cosy bed — they provide unique experiences steeped in story and charm.

Unique stays

St Catherine’s Lighthouse, nestled in the tranquil village of Niton, is a prime example. This operational lighthouse built in 1838 is surrounded by idyllic gardens and stunning coastline views, enveloping guests in a serene maritime atmosphere. Winding staircases lead to roomy suites, adorned with maritime-themed decor that honours the lighthouse’s historic roots, all without skipping on modern comforts. And let’s not forget the unparalleled sunrise and sunset views from the lantern room – a sight worth the stay itself. From £635.


At the end of this memorable journey across the Isle of Wight’s unique accommodations, a traveller’s heart yearns not just for the thought of conventional stays, but also for the comforting embrace of an eccentric yurt, the cosiness of a glamping tent, or the solitary majesty of a vintage lighthouse.

Unique Stays on the Isle of Wight

Undoubtedly, on an island with such a variety of exceptional stays, picking an unconventional stay can take an ordinary trip and transform it into a cherished one of delightful novelty.

  • Historical inns & hotels
  • Extravagant glamping sites
  • Offbeat yurts and cabins
  • Unique lighthouse accommodations

Each offers a distinctly different slice of the Isle of Wight’s personality, which extends far beyond its scenic landscape and seashore.

Make Your Stay an Experience

Wherever you decide to lay your head when the day’s explorations are done, choose a place not just as a port in the night, but something more—an experience, a sonnet written for you by the Isle of Wight itself. From this adventure rises the promise of new stories, cherished memories, and an even deeper connection with this magnificent destination.

Adventure Awaits

So, go on. Pick up your phone or scoop up your laptop. Click your way to a booking, and prepare to embark on a voyage like no other. Because on the Isle of Wight, every choice you make is not just a decision—it’s an adventure waiting to happen. The canvas of your extraordinary island getaway is waiting for its first brush stroke. Paint it spectacular!

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