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While the Isle of Wight may be known as ‘Dinosaur Island’, it also offers a number of unique outdoor attractions and landmarks for visitors, like these Isle of Wight parks which we’re sure you’ll love. 

There’s certainly a large selection of parks and country parks on the Isle of Wight, ranging from old and picturesque attractions to those that feature fun adventure playgrounds and offer something for the whole family.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best parks on the Isle of Wight, while asking what sets them apart from similar locations in the area.

The Best Isle of Wight Parks

Chine view

#1. The Shanklin Chine, Shanklin

The Shanklin Chine has the distinction of being the Isle of Wight’s oldest tourist attraction, with its doors having initially opened way back in 1817. 

Now iconic in nature, the Chine is a steep-sided gorge, which sits on the coastline where a series of springs flow into Sandown Bay. Surrounded by leafy and soft eroding clay cliffs, the chine is uniquely beautiful and has been an inspiration for poets, artists and writers for centuries.

Make no mistake; you could spend hours wandering through the Shanklin Chine, which is rich in natural beauty and home to everything from rare plants and winding woodland walks to stunning waterfalls and a surprising variety of wildlife.

While the Chine also provides a practical purpose by connecting the popular Old Village and Esplanade, it’s perhaps best known for giving a unique sightseeing experience on the Isle. It also happens to be particularly entrancing at night, as more than 200 lights are switched on after dusk and the entire location is illuminated.

This range of lights even includes LEDs in the site’s waterfalls, while the unique and soft angles of light bring the chine to life and enable you to experience the location in a completely new light. This can be a particularly enjoyable experience for young couples, with the illuminated chine appearing as one of the most romantic locations in the UK.

An adult ticket to the chine will cost you around £9.50 during peak periods, while children aged five and over can gain access for £7.50 (those younger will be let in for free). You can also get family tickets for units of differing sizes, with ‘Family A’ tickets available for approximately £29.00.

Ventnor path in nature

#2. The Ventnor Botanic Garden, Ventnor

Another of the most stunning parks in the Isle of Wight, the Ventnor Botanic Garden is home to more than 23 acres of space and some of the rarest, subtropical plants and trees in the whole of the UK.

This location is ripe for exploration, and provides an immersive learning opportunity for children who are interested in plant life and have a burgeoning affiliation with the great outdoors.

The Garden is also safe and well-tended, enabling families to spend quality time together while enjoying a unique and educational experience that’s far removed from the hustle and bustle of the Isle’s bristling Esplanades.

Of course, there’s more to the Garden than initially meets the eye. Like most parks like this, for example, it’s home to an excellent children’s playground, which sits at the end of a kid’s trail (which comes with its own ‘Trial Activity Pack’). If you’re in need of refreshments after your walk, there are two cafes serving fresh and locally sourced dishes, each of which is reasonably priced and well-maintained.

There’s even a ‘Tropical House’, which houses some interesting tropical plants and adds a fun dimension to the entire experience when visiting the Ventnor Botanic Garden.

The location also hosts numerous events throughout the typical year, including outdoor theatre performances during the summer, live music gigs and designated activity days for children of all ages.

There are even educational programs on offer too, with these held sporadically and listed in considerably more detail on the Ventnor Botanic Garden’s designated (and regularly updated) website.

Robin hill

Isle of Wight Parks #3. Robin Hill, Newport

Last, but by no means least, we come to Newport’s Robin Hill, which remains one of the best outdoor locations on the whole of the Isle of Wight.

But what exactly can you expect when visiting Robin Hill? Well, this fun and joyful location certainly offers an idyllic day out for any family, with a staggering 88 acres to its name and the vast majority of this land available to explore.

Here, you’ll find everything from tranquil and green woodlands to 4D cinemas, and the park is also home to the adventure playground (which boasts an exotic African theme) and towering zip wires. In short, there really is something for everyone, whether you have a young active family or enjoy sitting down with your loved ones and watching the big screen!

The 4D cinema certainly offers a unique viewing experience, while the adventure playground leads straight to the zip wire and Jungle Heights tree-top endeavour. You can certainly let your kids run wild here, as every inch of this parkland offers something fun or immersive to take part in.

You and your family can even take a ride on the ‘Tractor Train’, while Robin Hill has the distinction of being home to the Isle of Wight’s sole toboggan run!

Of course, this range of attractions highlights how the park has continued to evolve, as it looks to combine its stunning, natural surroundings with fun activities and brand-new features. One of the most recently added attractions is the ‘Colossus’, which is a swinging Galleon boat ride that’s proving to be incredibly popular among visitors.

Then there’s a brand-new water pillow attraction called ‘The Ripple’, which is relatively unique on the Isle of Wight and an amusement that offers something that you can really find anywhere else here!

Overall, this is a truly exceptional park, while it also happens to be one of the largest outdoor spaces in the whole of the UK. So, you could happily spend hours here without ever getting bored, while some reviewers have suggested you could spend your entire holiday at Robin Hill alone!

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