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Events & Tours

On the Isle of Wight, events are as plentiful as the seashells peppering its stunning shores. These events, varying from artsy festivals to thrilling sports events, encapsulate the vibrant energy that distinguishes the Isle from its British counterparts.

Whether you’re a music enjoyer, a sailing junkie, a foodie, or a walker, you’re sure to find an event that tickles your fancy. Now that’s the Isle of Wight for you.

A blend of high-octane events and insightful tours that transform a simple getaway into the adventure of a lifetime. Why settle for just reading about it? Bring these words to life by treating yourself to the full Isle of Wight experience, one event and one tour at a time. 

Remember, this island may be small, but it sure does pack a punch! So, mark your calendar, pack your bags and wander over to the Isle of Wight, where memorable experiences are around every corner.