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Cowes has an abundance of restaurants and cafes serving up exquisite plates and comforting flavours. From pizza to eggs Benedict to shortbreads to smoked cod, this laidback area by the sea has plenty of spots that will excite your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Check out the 10 best restaurants and cafes in Cowes that you have to try!

1. Sails of Cowes

Kicking off our list is the quaint cafe called Sails of Cowes. It’s a small, charming cafe with a blue exterior that lures you in. If you want a classic English or Irish breakfast this is one of the top restaurants in Cowes Isle of Wight to check out.

The bacon is ever so crispy, the staff is delightful, and the prices are sensational. From a simple cheese sandwich to a grand breakfast to a small pastry to a fancy coffee, there is nothing more you could want out of breakfast!

2. Call It What You Want

One of the more unique restaurants in East Cowes, Call It What You Want is a Cajun and Creole restaurant with mouthwatering plates. It’s easily one of the best places in East Cowes to get a crunchy, flavorful heaping plate of fried chicken.

Everything is supremely fresh and made from scratch, delivering outstanding flavours that you won’t soon forget. While the restaurant has an abundance of hearty meat dishes, they also have vegetarian options!

3. Richmonds Bakery

Richmonds Bakery is the best place in Cowes to satisfy your sweet tooth. They serve decadent cakes and gorgeous pastries that are almost too pretty to eat. You can try one of their fluffy, moist vanilla cakes or rich brownies, but you can’t leave without trying their homemade shortbread.

It’s one of their most popular items and may be the best shortbread you’ll ever have. Richmonds is a relaxing and quiet place to have a cup of coffee and enjoy a sweet treat.

4. Mojac’s Restaurant and Bar

Mojac’s is one of the best restaurants in Cowes, with stunning plates and innovative dishes. Everything on the menu is lavish and mouthwatering, such as the pork loin steak, faux gras with duck liver, and the smoked haddock.

They only use the freshest ingredients and pride themselves on impeccable execution. Mojac’s is the perfect spot in Cowes for an intimate date night or celebratory dinner. This place will wow you from the first drink to the final bite of dessert with its exquisite flavours and amazing service.

5. Joliffes of Cowes

Joliffes of Cowes is one of the more high-end cafes in the area, serving beautiful plates of classic dishes with elevated ingredients.

They have every breakfast item you could want, including Benedicts, pastry towers, full English breakfasts, biscuits and jam, meat sandwiches, and so much more. It’s also one of the bigger cafes in Cowes, so it’s a lovely option if you have a larger group or don’t want to wait for a table.

6. The Lifeboat

A fabulous marina-side restaurant in East Cowes, The Lifeboat is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy a delicious meal in the sunshine and ocean air. Their vast menu includes breakfast items, tapas, fresh-caught cod, shredded chicken, crispy french fries, and more.

It goes from simple hot dogs to sensational curry dishes, so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy on this menu. This family-friendly spot is a lovely place to grab a quick lunch in between exploring Cowes.

7. Swiss Cottage Tea Room

The Swiss Cottage Tea Room is a fabulous cafe tucked away in the woods in East Cowes. The house looks like it came out of a fairytale, and the food is even more magical. They have fudge, shortbreads, cakes, cookies, and much more made daily, so it’s always fresh and flavorful.

The cafe has a casual appeal and because it’s slightly off the beaten path, it’s often quiet and peaceful. It’s a fun place to go with little kids, as everyone can pick out a sweet treat and then sit outside and admire the trees and little creatures that bound around the area.

8. Gurnard Press Coffee Shop and Pizzeria

The Gurnard Press Coffee Shop and Pizzeria is a crossover between a breakfast cafe and a pizza restaurant. Their stunning dishes are massive, so you’ll never leave here hungry. They offer avocado toast, decadent salads, meat and cheese plates, dessert towers, classic ginger sandwiches, soups, sweet tarts, and more.

And, of course, they have a wide selection of pizza pies! Whether you go in the morning for a frothy cappuccino or in the afternoon for a piping hot pizza made to order, you’ll appreciate the rustic charm of this small cafe.

9. Number 3

Probably the fanciest restaurant on this list and one of the best restaurants in West Cowes, Number 3 offers a 9-course pre-fixe menu that will blow your mind. It’s a contemporary British restaurant that serves classic dishes and ingredients with an elegant twist.

The small, unassuming front of the restaurant hides the extravagance of the menu. They serve a wide range of dishes, including pasta, fish, meat, shellfish, poultry, vegetarian dishes, and more. The restaurant’s menu is constantly rotating and changing, so you may never have the same meal there twice!

10. Harbour Kitchen

If you want a fat, juicy burger, look no further than Harbour Kitchen. It’s a small and uncomplicated restaurant that feels welcoming and warm. The refined and elegant menu offers classic and comforting dishes executed to perfection.

So before you go thinking a burger is just a burger, just know their burgers are out of this world. Aside from burgers, you can enjoy their porky nachos, chicken tenders, ribeye steak, mac and cheese croquettes and so much more!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Cowes

Cowes may not be known as the culinary capital of the world, but these restaurants in Cowes Isle of Wight exemplify the remarkable flavours and inventive dishes in the area.

Whether you want a lavish steak dinner or a filling English breakfast, these Cowes restaurants are the best places to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need to make a reservation at these restaurants and cafes?

It is highly recommended to make reservations, especially during peak tourist seasons. You should book in advance to secure your spot at these popular places.

2. Do these places take note of dietary restrictions?

Yes, most of these places listed have options for vegetarians, vegans, and people with dietary restrictions. Make sure to tell the staff about your preferences.

3. What is the average price at these dining spots?

The prices will vary, however, you can find options to suit different budgets. From cheap cafes to upscale dining, Cowes offers something for everyone.

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