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Prepare for an exciting adventure as we delve deep into the world of exotic creatures and memorable experiences at the Amazon World Zoo Park. This outline guides you through the must-see exhibits, tips for making the most of your visit, and everything you need to know before you go.

Overview of the Amazon World Zoo Park

Tucked on the Isle of Wight, this behemoth of biodiversity is much more than just another day at the zoo. It’s a one-way ticket into the wild and wondrous heart of the Amazon Rainforest itself.

Animal aficionados, this is your siren call. The park is an animal lover’s paradise: here you can converse with captivating critters, trot alongside tropical toads, and even gawk at giant anteaters. The passion of the place is infectious, powered by expert staff, who care deeply not just about providing a fascinating day out, but about the preservation and conservation of the incredible species that call the zoo home.

Simply put, Amazon World Zoo Park is the place to be if you want a sprinkle of educational adventure mixed with heart-thumping encounters from the animal kingdom: a thrilling voyage around the world without ever having to leave the Isle of Wight. It’s a must-see attraction for those who yearn for a deeper connection with the wild and are eager to learn about the rich tapestry of life that thrives beneath the thick canopy of the world’s most adventurous forest.

History of Amazon World Zoo Park

Venture back in time as we explore the significant milestones and humble beginnings of the Amazon World Zoo Park.

Humble Origins

The Amazon World Zoo Park, known for showcasing the vibrant spectrum of Amazonian wildlife, was initially established in the late 1980s. What began as a curiosity for locals and tourists soon transformed into a must-visit attraction on the Isle of Wight.

Commitment to Conservation

Alongside the increase in the species exhibited, the park’s commitment to conservation – a core ethos of its mission – steadily amplified over time.

Walk-through Aviary in 1990

A significant evolution occurred in 1990 when an immersive, walk-through aviary was added to the park. This offered guests a unique opportunity to engage with a variety of exotic birds in a near-natural habitat, which greatly enhanced the park’s popularity, especially among bird enthusiasts.

Champion Against Extinction

Marching into the 21st century, the park established itself as a leader in conservation efforts. Having successfully bred the rare Blue-crowned Laughingthrush bird in 2007, a species nearly extinct in the wild, the park gained international recognition for its commitment to wildlife conservation.

An Evolving Park

Over the years, the park has consistently seized opportunities for growth, never ceasing to educate, entertain, and inspire. The Amazon World Zoo Park stands as a testament to the dedication and efforts of those who worked relentlessly on this amazing venture.

Today, the park serves not only as an entertaining and educational site but also as a stark reminder of the urgent need to conserve and preserve the diverse species that inhabit our earth.

Amazon World Zoo Park Tickets

For those wildlife enthusiasts looking to fulfil their adventurous spirit, various ticketing options are available for the Amazon World Zoo Park. An adult ticket can be obtained at £17.95, while children (aged 2 to 14) need to pay £16.95. 

Also, there are some concessions available for seniors and students priced at £11.95. And the cherry on top? Children under 2 get in for free!

When planning for a family day out, a family ticket comes in handy — offering entrance for two adults and two children at a special discounted rate of £65.00, and for two adults and three children the price will be £80.00. This is indeed a cost-effective option for families aiming to save on individual purchases.

Ticket purchasing is quite user-friendly, with options available both at the park gate and online. For a seamless, queue-less experience, we recommend buying online tickets from the Amazon World Zoo Park official website. It’s straightforward, convenient, and saves you valuable holiday time too.

Discounts, you ask? 

Well, yes!!. They do have some sweet deals from time to time. Amazon World offers a 10% discount if you make the hearty decision to adopt an animal from the park. Not only do you get to support the park’s conservation efforts, but you also get an update on your animal from the park, and a nice picture to put on your fridge back home.

To top it off, if you plan on coming back within the next seven days, you can get your hands on what they dub a “Return Ticket,” priced at £4.25 regardless of age. With this in mind, your next visit in the following week will be notably cheaper. Now isn’t that a savvy way to double the fun at almost half the price?

But remember, these prices and special deals may not last forever, so it’s always a smart move to confirm the details from the official sources before packing those safari hats and heading over.

Top Attractions at Amazon World Zoo Park

Venture into Amazon World Zoo Park and you’ll find an incredible safari that takes you across continents, cultures, and climates, all without setting foot outside the Isle of Wight. Thick with vegetation, the immersive zoo features a menagerie of naturalized exhibits designed to recreate the creatures’ respective habitats. 

Here is just a glimpse into the world of exotic animals that the park has to offer.

Attraction N1. Three-toed Sloths

Say hello to the languid residents of Amazon World! These slow-moving creatures, usually found lazily hanging from branches, make for a decidedly different zoo experience. You’ll fall in love with their slow, deliberate demeanours and charm.

Attraction N2. Penguins

A favourite among visitors, the lively penguin exhibit is a must-see spectacle. Observe their playful antics and marvel at their sleek movements underwater. 

This exhibit also features daily “Penguin Feedings” where you get to see these charismatic birds up close during dinner time.

Attraction N3. Tropical Birds

The park’s tropical bird section is a riot of colour. Step into a vibrant world filled with the calls and songs of these unique feathered creatures. 

From Macaws to Cockatoos, these tropical wonders add a mesmerizing burst of colour and energy to your visit.

Attraction N4. Armadillos and Anteaters

This exhibit is especially fascinating – your chance to gawk at the weird and wonderful world of mammals with protective armour and peculiar feeding habits. These rare sights are sure to captivate the curious.

Attraction N5. Reptile House

Set aside your fears and delve into a world of scaly creatures. From the hulking Komodo Dragons to slithering snakes and adorable tortoises, this is the place for any die-hard reptile enthusiast.

Amazon World Zoo Park is also unique for its commitment to conservation. Many of the animals at the park are part of international breeding programs for endangered species – a fact that lends another dimension to your experience at the park.

As you saunter through the leafy lanes of Amazon World, expect a surprise at every corner. The culmination of passion, unique animal insight, and the chance to get up close with some of nature’s quirkiest creations, makes for a thrilling exploration of the animal kingdom.

Praiseworthy Infrastructure

Beyond the animals themselves, the park’s infrastructure and facilities also receive significant compliments. A satisfied guest said,

“Well-maintained paths and exhibits. The layout is fantastic – you just flow from one exhibit to the next.”

Exceptional Staff

The park’s staff are frequently highlighted as a highlight of the park. One delighted family shared:

“The staff are the heart of Amazon World Zoo Park. Everyone we interacted with was warm, helpful, and genuinely passionate about the animals.”

Visiting Amazon World Zoo Park: Practical Information

If you’re planning a trip to the Amazon World Zoo Park, there are a few crucial details you should be familiar with to ensure a seamless experience.

Firstly, regarding opening times, the zoo park operates all year round, except for Christmas Day. 

From April to October, the park is open every day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. But it’s always a good idea to check the official website or The Zoo Profile on Google for any changes in times due to special events or other circumstances.

Parking can oftentimes be a concern, but rest easy – the Amazon Park provides ample free parking for visitors. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early on peak days is highly recommended. For those using public transportation, the zoo park is well-served by a number of bus routes.

The park boasts facilities designed to cater to your every need. There are restroom facilities dotted around the park. Baby changing facilities are available for visitors with infants, and pet owners will be relieved to know that there are kennel facilities available at a nominal charge – just remember that pets are not allowed within the zoo itself.

And, if you need to wind down after an exciting day exploring, the on-site cafe and gift shop have you covered!

While you’re on the Isle of Wight, don’t just limit your exploration to the Amazon World Zoo Park. Check out some more things to do for more tips on other local attractions and destinations. There’s a world of discovery waiting for you at this amazing locale.

Amazon World Zoo Park: Disability Access and Facilities

No visitor should miss out on the adventure that the Amazon World Zoo Park has to offer, which is why accessibility has been a foremost consideration in their design and structure. Navigating the park has been made easier with numerous facilities catering to individuals with disabilities.

Firstly, the park is predominantly flat, making it wheelchair-friendly. This feature lets wheelchair users or those with mobility issues explore the premises with relative ease. The park has made sure to implement ramped access wherever necessary, ensuring seamless transitions between different areas.

In terms of parking, disabled parking spaces are readily available, and placed conveniently near the entrance to minimize walking time. For people with visual impairments, guide dogs are welcome in most areas of the park, ensuring no barrier to the exploration and enjoyment of the zoo.

The park’s Zoo Shop and the Rainforest Cafe are also wheelchair accessible. These spaces provide wider aisles, making manoeuvring more manageable for wheelchair users. 

Also, accessible toilets are scattered throughout the park for the comfort and ease of all visitors.

However, the park’s commitment to inclusivity does have a few limitations to keep in mind. Some areas might be challenging to access due to natural contours and uneven terrain inherent to an authentic wildlife setting. 

So it’s advisable to have an accompanying person for those with severe mobility issues to ensure safety and help with navigation.

Adaptations are an ongoing commitment, and the Zoo Park management continuously strives to improve facilities wherever possible. Amazon World Zoo Park encourages feedback from visitors to improve their experiences further.

Dining and Shopping at Amazon World Zoo Park

When it comes to refuelling between adventures at Amazon World Zoo Park, there’s no shortage of delicious options in the Adventurers cafe, with vegan and gluten-free menu items ensuring nobody misses out.

Once your bellies are content, the exploration isn’t over. Head over to the Amazon World gift shop (inside the zoo) to wrap up your visit. It brims with mementoes that evoke the essence of the park – adorable stuffed animals, educational books about the Amazon Rainforest and its denizens, eco-friendly toys for the kids, and even some quirky home decor. 

What’s more, every purchase you make chips in towards the zoo’s preservation initiatives. It’s a double win: you pick up a tangible memory of your day, and contribute to nature conservation efforts.

So, between stimulating animal encounters, scrumptious refreshments, and the enticing gift shop, your day at Amazon World Zoo Park promises a balanced blend of education, adventure and leisure.

Amazon World Zoo Park Discount: Enjoy Without Overspending!

Visiting the Amazon World Zoo Park doesn’t need to be costly. By planning carefully, you can maximize your visit while minimizing the costs.

Student Discounts

For students, your ID card is more than just a symbol of your studies – it’s also a ticket to savings. With your student identification card, you can earn a significant discount on the entrance fee, allowing you to save money for other perks during your visit, such as:

  • Refreshments
  • Souvenirs from the gift shop

Group Discounts

Families, clubs, and other organized groups can also leverage the park’s special offers. Group discounts are the perfect cost-saver for occasions like:

  • Class field trips
  • Club outings
  • Family reunions

If you’re visiting the Amazon World Zoo Park in a group of over 20 people, you get a discount of 10%.

Discounts for Seniors

Aging has its perks – senior visitors too can enjoy a discounted admission fee upon presenting a valid ID.

Seasonal Promotions

Additionally, the park routinely offers promotional campaigns and special deals during holidays. Be sure to stay current with their newsletters or website updates for these seasonal deals.

School Discounts

School Rates:

  • £8.95 per Child 2022
  • £8.95 per Adult 2022
  • one Adult FREE with every 5 Children.

Their education department will give an interesting and educational talk on rainforest destruction, the survival of endangered species or a specific subject (that you would need to ask for in advance), whilst keeping the children interested with help from their animals.

  • School Talks
  • up to 30 pupils
  • £45

Amazon World Zoo Park Reviews

Visitors to the Amazon World Zoo Park consistently shower it with praise, making it a top attraction on the Isle of Wight.

Zoo Rankings

Scoring an impressive average of 4.0.5 stars on Tripadvisor, Amazon World Zoo Park finds itself among the top attractions on the Isle of Wight.

Animal Diversity and Conservation Effort

One recurring theme in reviews is the surprise at the range of animals at the park. A common sentiment is captured in one review:

“The variety of animals at Amazon World Zoo Park truly surprised us. The staff is really well-informed and eager to share their knowledge. Our children had a great time interacting with some animals and learning about conservation!”

Another repeated praise is recognition of the park’s commitment to conservation:

“The zoo values environmental conservation and instils respect for animals in visitors. It was fascinating to learn about the park’s efforts in breeding and protecting endangered species. What a meaningful experience!”


In the words of those wise, little digital minions we all love, “Ba-ba-banana!” or, translated into non-minionese, “We’re finished!” We’ve explored, we’ve laughed, we’ve learned – what a ride! And just like them, we’ve got a soft spot for bananas (animal lovers, am I right?). So, let’s wrap it up here.

The Amazon World Zoo Park isn’t some run-of-the-mill, ho-hum kind of place. It intertwines education, conservation, and pure animal-centred fun into a spectacularly woven day for folks of all ages. Its variety of species, lively exhibits, damn near-perfect reviews, and solid facilities create an environment that’s more than just visually pleasing. It’s an experience, full of wonder and discovery.

Accessibility ain’t an issue here either! Everyone gets to enjoy the Amazon (the zoo, not the rainforest, although, it’s pretty close!) in their own way. Need a bite to eat? Covered. Want to buy the coolest ‘been-there-done-that’ souvenir? You bet they’ve got ’em. And let’s not even get started on the tantalizing discounts they offer. Missing out on them is like turning down free cake. Who does that?

So, fold this guide, tuck it safely into your pocket, and let’s hop on this journey together. Whether you’re a sucker for cute animals (like your cuddly house cat), an adventure-seeker with a fondness for the exotic, or a clan looking for a memorable family day outing, Amazon World Zoo Park promises not just to meet, but exceed your expectations. It’s not just about seeing animals from across the globe. It’s about understanding and appreciating them.

Consider booking a trip to this veritable sanctuary that invites you not just to watch, but to participate. Swing by the Amazon (remember, zoo not rainforest) and answer the call of the wild. It’s a call you won’t regret answering. Over and out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is the best time to visit Amazon World Zoo Park?

Amazon World is open throughout the whole year, but if you don’t want to deal with crowds and witness the animals during their most active times, then weekdays and early mornings are the best times to visit.

2. Is Amazon World Zoo Park suitable for children?

Of course! The park offers interactive exhibits and educational programs designed to engage and educate young visitors, so it is perfect for kids.

3. Are there any restrictions on photography?

Visitors are encouraged to take photographs for personal use. However, there may be restrictions in certain areas to ensure the animals’ well-being.

4. Are there food options available at the park?

Yes, Amazon World Zoo Park has a cafe serving a variety of refreshments and meals. You can also bring your own picnic to enjoy in designated areas.

5. Can I interact with all the animals?

While some animals are available for interactive experiences, not all of them can be touched or held. The park’s knowledgeable keepers will guide you on which animals you can interact with.

6. How does Amazon World Zoo Park contribute to wildlife conservation?

The park does various breeding programs for endangered species and supports research aimed at preserving wildlife.

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