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Ever wondered what the most exciting activities in the UK are? Keep reading and we’ll show you the best things to do here.

We saw a rising trend for staycations in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic, although this was mostly attributed to the restrictions placed on international travel.

However, this trend has actually been sustained, as while an estimated 1 in 3 travellers are planning to go on at least one holiday in the next 12 months (up 14% in just six months), some 73% of adults are more likely to opt for so-called “staycations” within the boundaries of the UK.

Of course, there are plenty of fascinating locations and activities in the UK travel market, with the Isle of Wight especially popular due to the high levels of sunlight that it receives each week. 

This destination is also home to a number of thrilling outdoor activities in the UK, as are a number of similar locations nationwide. So, here’s our take on the most fun activities in the UK and what sets them apart from alternative pastimes!

A Look at the Most Exciting Activities in the UK

#1. Visit One (or More) of the UK’s National Parks

While the UK is a relatively small country, only around 90% of the region’s land is actually built on.

This shows the sheer scale of UK countryside and rural areas, while the nation is also home to an astonishing number of national parks. These can include diverse country landscapes, which are characterised by everything from rolling hills and green woodlands to mountainous terrain and rugged moors.

If you are in search of outdoor activities to do in the UK, we’d certainly recommend that you visit one or more of the national parks on our shores. Interestingly, you can actually schedule a tour to one of the region’s 15 national parks, from the wilds of Exmoor and the stunning Lake District to the flat but no less beguiling Norfolk Broads.

Then there’s the Snowdonia National Park, which is the biggest of its type in the north of Wales and has some truly incredible sea views from its various peaks. Overall, there are several craggy and towering peaks on Mount Snowdon that even offer clear views of Ireland, which is quite impressive given the distance between these two countries.

If you want to traverse the 1.085-metre Mount Snowdon, you can do this through the traditional method of hiking or catch the vintage train that sneaks and creeps up towards the summit. From the highest point of the mountain, you can see the whole of the encompassing National Park and miles of sandy coastline, and it’s a view that will really take your breath away.

As this is the UK’s adventure capital and home to one of the most fun activities to do in the UK, it should come as no surprise that adrenaline-seekers can also traverse towering zip lines and tear down perilous mountain bike trails.

Make no mistake; a trip to the Snowdonia National Park is highly recommended, while any of the 14 similar locations in the UK will also offer a fun, immersive and family-friendly experience.

#2. Go Seal Spotting at Blakeney Point in Norfolk

If you do decide to visit the flat Norfolk Broads and its very own national park, you may also want to plan a trip to the region’s northern coastline.

Here you’ll find Blakeney Point, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norfolk and one that’s ideal for a weekend staycation or impromptu getaway. It’s certainly one of the best holidays in the UK with children’s activities, with this thanks largely to the area’s unique salt marshes and imposing sand dunes.

These locations are home to some incredible wildlife and unique terrain, including seabirds and even a healthy seal population. Yes, that’s right, you can indulge in the rare pastime of seal spotting while visiting Blakeney Point in Norfolk, and this cannot be said for many destinations in the UK.

Currently, the National Nature Reserve at Blakeney Point is home to a relatively large and thriving grey seal colony, which can be viewed clearly but from a safe and secure distance. You can also see both adult grey seals and cubs at Blakeney Point, while the experience is best enjoyed when taking a boat from the nearby Morston Quay.

Once you’re done seal spotting and are back on the dry mainland, you may also want to visit the picturesque and tranquil villages of Blakeney, Stiffkey and the neighbouring Cley-next-the-Sea.

Activities in the UK #3. Visit the Beatles’ Childhood Homes in Liverpool

The former European capital of culture, Liverpool is a true cultural hub that’s known for its affiliation with sport and music. After all, it’s home to both England’s most successful club and ‘The Beatles’, the latter of which remains the single most iconic and beloved band of all time.

At the time of writing, you can buy a ticket and get a black cab ride that goes through the city of Liverpool and explores the Beatles’ childhood homes. 

You can certainly learn about the band’s beginnings and the launch of their music careers, before visiting the respective homes of the legendary John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road). Both of these locations are now owned and managed by the National Trust, while your tour will also take in places of interest such as Strawberry Fields (which inspired The Beatles’ song of the same name).

Once the tour is done, you’re free to explore Liverpool at your leisure, and we’d definitely recommend a trip to the iconic (and now rebuilt) Cavern Club where The Beatles first started to play in the early 1960s.

The regeneration of Liverpool has also created a modern and bustling metropolis, which is home to a thriving retail space. At the same time, the city has remained true to its cultural and historic roots, which we can observe through the remaining Georgian homes and well-maintained dockyard.

If you’re spending the weekend in Liverpool, you may also want to jump on the ferry to the Isle of Man. This provides a superb and highly immersive day trip, while it enables you to traverse a tranquil and iconic piece of UK water.

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