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Who doesn’t love days out in the UK? After all, this allows us all to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, including the pressure of work and the monotony of everyday routines. 

Whether you’re in the market for a family excursion or days out for adults in the UK, you’re also spoiled for choice on these shores. From traditional sightseeing to activity days out for adults in the UK, you can compare the market in detail before making an informed choice.

But what are the best days out in Britain and the UK? The answer to this question is highly subjective, of course, but here’s our take on some of the best and most exciting options.

Where’s the Best Day Out in the UK? Here’s Our Take

#1. Visit and Enjoy the Cornish Coast

While the UK is defined by vast stretches of beguiling coastline in the north and the south, few are as enticing as Cornwall.

Make no mistake; the Cornish coast is among the best days out in the UK, with its brooding and atmospheric moors and mist-laden clifftops combining to create a truly unique landscape.

The coast’s composition and enduring allure is unsurprisingly home to numerous myths and legends, with the site having been highly romanticised and depicted in a favourable light through the ages. Over time, the coastline has been linked to the fascinating legend of King Arthur, while its famously low tide reveals Merlin’s Cave (which stretches for 100 metres and offers a thrilling adventure all by itself).

Merlin’s Cave also passes completely through Tintagel Island from Tintagel Haven on the east-to-west cove. Make no mistake; the peninsula of Tintagel Island is another site that will convince even the most sceptical mindset of the Cornish coast’s allure, with this home to the rather impressive and dramatic ruins of an ancient castle.

Ultimately, a trip to the Cornish coast can be a genuinely magical experience, and one that’s recommended to visitors of all ages. To complete this fun day out, you can also visit the small but picturesque village of Boscastle, which is home to the fascinating Museum of Witchcraft and Magic and the single largest collection of magic-related items in the world.

#2. Trail in the Footsteps of Giants in Northern Ireland

While Northern Ireland isn’t necessarily the most popular destination for Brits in search of a fun staycation, it’s home to a deceptive number of fun days out for adults in the UK and families.

This number includes the iconic Giant’s Causeway, which is considered to be a genuine geological marvel and one that’s located in County Antrim on the north coast of Northern Ireland. To this end, it’s around three miles to the north of Bushmills, which you can visit afterwards to grab a bite to eat and complete your day out!

But what exactly is the Giant’s Causeway? Well, while it may sound like an album title from a rock band, it actually comprises 40,000 variable basalt stone columns, which were allegedly formed following an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. This is thought to have occurred some 50 to 60 million years ago, after a flood of lava oozed out of fissures in the earth.

Despite its dramatic nature and overtly structural appearance, the Giant’s Causeway was formed entirely naturally after the eruption, creating a truly unique landmark that continues to attract visitors from across the globe. Now categorised as Northern Ireland’s only Unesco World Heritage Site, you can even walk along and scale these stone columns, while the surrounding scenery and dramatic landscape must be seen to be believed.

Today, the site is home to an interactive visitor centre thanks to the National Trust, only there are no museum ropes and walls holding you back at the Giant’s Causeway once you arrive.

In fact, in addition to wandering the shiny and perfectly formed squares, you can also sit on the so-called “Wishing Chair”. This is a natural throne that has been touched by numerous posteriors down the years, and legend has it that if you make a wish here it has every chance of coming true!

You can also search the ground for uniquely shaped rock formations such as the ‘Camel’ and ‘Giant’s Boot’, which makes for a fun part of the day and is ideal when travelling with young children.

This is also one of the best days out in the UK for adults, while it should also be noted that this site remains the subject of speculation in the same way as Stonehenge in England.

More specifically, some theorists continue to speculate that the Causeway was built by the hands of giants rather than occurring as a result of natural formation, and while this is fanciful, it only adds to the mystique and allure that surrounds the location.

#3. Final Day Out in the UK: Visit the Scottish Highlands

As someone who has been to the Scottish Highlands myself, I can testify that a day trip here offers one of the most thrilling experiences when travelling north of the border.

Covering a staggering 25,659 km², the site is also home to some dedicated, mountainous trails, while you can even combine different walks depending on your precise destination to create hikes that are as long as 16 miles.

Pitlochry is a particularly picturesque and beguiling Highlands area, and one that’s in close proximity to busy and bustling towns such as Dunkeld, Kinloch Rannoch and Kenmore on Loch Tay. You can visit one or more of these locations to create a more varied day trip, as you look to combine a stunning hike with afternoon tea or an early evening meal.

Once again, the Scottish Highlands are the source of numerous myths and legends, many of which originate from the area’s unique history and events such as the epic Battle of Culloden back in 1745. The area also commemorates those who died in the battle, largely through the standing-stone burial mounds at Clava Cairns.

You can also tour ancient castles (both standing and in ruins) when visiting the Highlands, while there’s also the Highland Folk Museum to enjoy and the iconic Glenfinnan monument.

Of course, a day trip to the Highlands is also ideal if you’re highly active and adventurous, as you can hike or bike across the terrain while tailoring the route to suit your level of physical fitness. The surrounding scenery is also breathtaking (particularly at sunset), and a visit to the Highlands is highly recommended for people of all interests and ages.

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