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Whether you’re a keen adventurer willing to explore every corner or you’re just up for a memorable, relaxing holiday, the Isle of Wight has tons of cool stuff to offer. We’ve picked five outstanding things that’ll make your visit to this charming English island a remarkable one.

Coming up, we’re going to give you a piece-by-piece breakdown of the top five things that make the Isle of Wight a destination you’ll want to add to your UK travel bucket list. Buckle up and prepare to be persuaded by the unique charm of this island!


Awesome Thing 1: Visit the Iconic Needles

First stop on your Isle of Wight adventure: The Needles. This set of three distinctive chalk formations jutting out of the sea is both remarkable and symbolic of the island.

Majestic Sight

Located at the westernmost point, they pierce the sky at heights of up to 30m. Coupled with a lighthouse standing guard since 1859, you’re in for a picture-perfect spectacle that leaves you awestruck.

Aerial Experience

You’re not confined to distant views. Hop on the iconic Needles chairlift for a bird’s eye view. As you descend towards the clifftop, brace for an exhilarating visual treat of the Needles set against a backdrop of the glistening water – it’s an Instagram-worthy shot.

Bonus: Alum Bay

Just minutes away lies Alum Bay, renowned for its multicoloured sand cliffs. Another unique quirk of Mother Nature the Isle of Wight boasts. You can:

  • Collect a sand souvenir
  • Embark on a boat trip around the Needles
  • Simply sit back and savour the fantastic view

Also, don’t miss the glass-making demonstrations and the Sweet Manufactory – two small attractions with significant appeal for families or anyone young at heart.

Awesome thing Isle of Wight osbourne

Awesome Thing 2: Delve into History at Osborne House

If you’re a history buff or architecture aficionado, you can’t miss paying a visit to Osborne House. This stunning English Heritage estate served as the seaside holiday home for one of the most reputable monarchs in British history, Queen Victoria, and her husband, Prince Albert. Situated in East Cowes, Osborne House grandly presents the royal couple’s affection for the Isle of Wight.

Sure, the house’s exterior, with its Italian Renaissance features, is breathtaking, but it’s the inside where the magic really happens. Each room in Osborne House is a harmonious symphony of luxury and taste, giving glimpses into the private life of the royal family. Expect to wander around royal apartments, nursery rooms, and even the private chapel.

But it’s not just about the house. The surrounding gardens designed by Prince Albert himself echo the splendour of the property. The estate has an intricate parterre, a walled fruit garden, and an extensive parkland that leads down to a private beach which was once the royal children’s playground.

Spending a day in Osborne House, therefore, is much more than a typical sightseeing affair. It lets you revel in Victorian grandeur, and partake in a slice of British history that’s as charming as it is significant.

Awesome thing Isle of Wight tennyson

Awesome Thing 3: Traverse the Tennyson Trail

If you don’t mind stretching your legs and getting some fresh air, the renowned Tennyson Trail is a treasure waiting for you. Named after the famous poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, it’s an absolute favourite among walkers, cyclists, and horse riders flocking to the Isle.

Spanning approximately 14 miles and tracing the island’s backbone, the trail kick-starts from Carisbrooke, taking you all the way to The Needles, the iconic landmark we talked about earlier. But don’t get it twisted; it’s not the destination that solely steals the spotlight but the journey itself.

What makes the Tennyson Trail remarkable are the breathtaking panoramas at every point. From the astounding civilizations below the Downs to the breathtaking seascapes, every view is a brushstroke in an impressionist painting. On a clear day, you can even see the mainland!

Speaking of landmarks, there are plenty of historic gems to discover along the path. The trail passes through Bowcombe Down, revealing immersive ancient field patterns. Further along the route, you’ll encounter the impressive Brighstone Down, home to the Neolithic Long Stone – Isle of Wight’s mini Stonehenge if you fancy.

Whether you’re hoofing it, pedalling, or cantering, the Tennyson Trail gifts you the kind of pure, unpolluted adventure and views that Tennyson himself fell in love with. Just remember to pack some snacks – those slopes can be a feast of their own!

Awesome thing Isle of Wight iow zoo

Awesome Thing 4: Connect with Nature at the Isle of Wight Zoo

Ok, your island adventure wouldn’t be complete without making some new fur-and-feather friends! Yep, you got it right, we’re talking about having a grand time at The Isle of Wight Zoo. Here, you’re not just strolling around; instead, you’re stepping into an enchanting world where you’ll rub shoulders – albeit safely – with diverse creatures from the animal kingdom.

Home to an array of species from big cats to tiny reptiles, this animal haven offers a mind-blowing zoo experience. You get the chance to say “Hi” to Casper the white tiger or you can also meet Zia, the adorable lioness. Don’t miss popping by the Madagascan centre, where Wonderful lemurs are waiting to greet you. They’re a sight to behold, believe me!

But that’s not all. What makes the Isle of Wight Zoo extra special isn’t only the variety of its houseguests but also the opportunities for close encounters. You can watch the feedings, or even better, you can arrange an encounter where you can feed some of the animals yourself! Now, don’t freak out – it’s totally safe under the supervision of the zoo’s professional, friendly staff.

Get ready for some real animal magic. Whether you’re an enthusiastic animal lover or just someone enjoying the laid-back, natural vibe, this zoological gem on the Isle of Wight is sure to offer you a wildly unforgettable experience. Just remember to always respect the animals’ space – and most of all, have fun!

Awesome thing Isle of Wight blackgang

Awesome Thing 5: An Unforgettable Day at Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine is not your typical amusement park – it’s your getaway into a world of pirates and cowboys, dinosaurs, and whimsical fairies, perfectly rolled into a beautiful landscape against the backdrop of the stunning south coast of the Isle of Wight.

Let’s set the scene: as you step in, a life-sized, roaring T-Rex greets you at the ‘Restricted Area 5‘. Pause for a moment but not in fear – giggle at the animated spectacle instead. Let’s face it, seeing animatronic dinosaurs amongst leafy terrain isn’t an everyday scene, but here it’s only the wild beginning.

Venture a little further and you’ll find yourself in the enchanting ‘Fairyland‘, where small, colourful houses dotted across the land give an oddly satisfying feeling of joy. As evening falls, watch the place transform under the shimmering moonlight – fireside storytelling and twinkling fairy lights transport you to a mythical realm.

Feeling more adventurous? head over to ‘Rumpus Mansion‘ – a house full of surprises! With mischievous characters stirring up trouble and eccentric rooms hiding unexpected twists, your laughter will be hard to contain.

Don’t forget to brace yourself for a splashdown in the ‘Water Force‘ ride or, if you dare, ‘Cliffhanger,’ which transports riders high above the park for a bird’s eye view before an exhilarating drop.

Blackgang Chine encapsulates a realm of wonders that will fuel your curiosity and excitement. An unforgettable day, indeed. Whether you seek thrills, fantasy, or some eclectic family fun, this park serves it all with a unique, quirky charm. So, what are you waiting for? Tap into that inner child and immerse yourself in the magic at Blackgang Chine.


So there you have it – five unmissable reasons to pack your bags and head for the Isle of Wight. From the time-etched beauty of the iconic Needles, stepping back to the Victorian era at Osborne House, to finding your inner adventurer on the Tennyson Trail, this gem of an island packs a punch in terms of variety and appeal.

Not forgetting the chance to let your wild side roam free at the Isle of Wight Zoo, where you’ll meet a host of critters, large and small, and top that all off with an absolutely unforgettable, joy-filled day at Blackgang Chine – the oldest theme park in the UK.

the Isle of Wight has you covered. The five attractions we’ve highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg – there’s much more to discover and experience on this fantastic island that’s just a hop away from England’s south coast.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Find out for yourself why the Isle of Wight is all kinds of awesome. Our advice? Ditch the guidebook. Instead, hit up these top spots and let the island’s charm weave its magic spell on you. A grand adventure awaits!

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